Infographic: Why Are Libraries Like That?

Like most everything else, libraries have evolved over the millennia, but their basic design and function have remained relatively static. What does the 21st century literacy 2.0 library look like, and how is the relationship changing between libraries and information? Between libraries and patrons?

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The inevitable transition, or transformation, of what we know today as libraries prompts many questions, some of which won’t be answered for years?

  • Will we need physical libraries once all information is available digitally?
  • Will libraries disappear completely? Or, will they remain as community centers, a nexus where atoms meet bits?
  • Will library systems find new ways to remain relevant? Or, will they devolve into information welfare systems?
  • What will be the role of the librarian when there are no longer books to look after or people coming through the door?
  • What will be the role of next-gen information literacy specialists? How will they do their job of information sensemaking?
  • Will librarians still be found at the reference desk at certain hours or will they be remotely located and always-on?
  • How will human librarians coexist with software-based librarians?
  • Without libraries, where will we find places where the principle activity is thinking and the rules mandate quiet?


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