Championing the advancement of the new literacies as
vital social and economic requirements of global society

Literacy 2.0 covers news, opinions, initiatives, economics, social trends and other issues relevant to the new forms of communication, commerce and learning spawned by digital technologies.

Literacy 2.0 advocates an omniplatform, broadband-equipped, digitally literate populace.

Literacy 2.0 fosters cultures of dialog and the emergence of healthy communities of engagement.

Literacy 2.0 strives to:

  • Spark motivational, radical and co-evolutionary conversations
  • Encourage change through dialogue and deliberation
  • Explore relevant business and social questions that matter
  • Harvest collective wisdom, insights and discoveries

Literacy 2.0 is published and edited by Robert L. Lindstrom, an award-winning journalist,
author and editor who has more than 20 years experience in business and technology journalism.